Turn your corporate vision and strategy into clear and objective performance measures and align your business units and processes within the Corporater Business Management Platform.

Benefits of using Corporater Business Management Platform


Business in control

Corporater offers one platform with many solutions. Configuration is a menu-driven process of adding and configuring the building blocks you need to model your business framework. No programming or database work is needed.


Your business reality

Business applications are normally designed on a set of assumptions that businesses are completely structured, and that structures are applied consistently across the entire organization. While on the surface, this is often true. When you dig a bit deeper, you often discover that businesses are full of exceptions. Corporater is built on the fact that deviations are normal in all businesses.


Business meta model is constantly changing

Each business has its own categorization of business data, processes, and business issues. In order to reflect changes to this information, it is important that customers can easily maintain it. Corporater offers a user-friendly business object definition model where this is configured.


Working with the system

Most business applications require interaction based on analysis, documentation, planning and execution. And the interaction is often based on a company’s template of how the interaction is going to take place. Corporater has built in a business default model where the interaction templates are specified for the system. You can create endless interaction templates based on the business context and results.


Minimizing administrator work

Corporater provides a unique template system that links objects to their relevant business models, organizations, or users. This saves significant configuration work. Templates can rely on their business context, such as the business unit, so they can be easily reused. Since exceptions are the rule in business, all or parts of these templates can be overridden when necessary. We provide the best of both worlds: centralized maintenance, and localized control.

Manage your business using Corporater Business Management Platform

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